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 Happy New Years!January 01, 2010, 12:15:03 PM by Sienide2009 saw some big changes for Pokemon Global, 2010 will be the year it becomes be best Pokemon fan site on the net. It's hard to believe PG is 2 years old now, let's make its 3rd year its greatest! Happy New Years guys!19 comments | Write Comment
 Formal AnnouncementNovember 26, 2009, 09:21:04 PM by OblivionMembers of PG,

I’m sure you’re wondering what is going on. Well, to put it simply, we’ve moved. Moved websites, domains, forums, you name it.

Before I get into the other changes that have and will be taking place over the next week or so, I’ll go over the reasons why we did this so suddenly, without due warning to all you members.

 - The main reason was because of the well publicised news that the devs of PN have been advised not to involve themselves in this community anymore. Well, myself, Fshy and a few others decided this would be a contributing factor in this community possibly dying, and we didn’t want that to happen.

So, we decided to change things for the better. We also realise that this is an extreme change and I know a lot of you only wanted to make some small changes to the old forums. We did agree to start with, but after trying to get in contact with Viride several times over the last month or so, as he owns the old domain, and hearing nothing back, we were forced to move before the domain expired.

Also, don’t be alarmed by the forums and website not looking finished. They are works in progress and may change over the next few days/weeks. They are unfinished because we haven’t had a lot of time to work on them yet, with being forced to move domains.

We also have many other changes happening:-

 - We have a new Administrator, who will take over from Viride. Just to let you all know, I was chosen by Fshy and the rest of the staff. I know I probably wasn’t the first choice of many of you, but I’ve been here for almost three years now, been a staff member and LET leader for over a year, and I am VERY active and committed to you all. I’m here to do a job; get this community back to where it used to be, alive, growing and above all, fun for everyone.

- Pokemon Global is no longer run by PokeNet. Instead, Pokemon Global is now a general Pokemon online gaming community. Here you can play PokeNet, ShoddyBattle and trade Friend Codes for the handheld games.

 - We have a new mod team, taking over from the old team. The members of this team are as follows:-

Balmung (Community Manager)

Latias (Head Moderator)

Dozi (Moderator)

Delarock (Moderator and RP Manager, looking after the role-playing, writing and off-topic sections.)

We might add a couple more as we go along, but that’s all for now. Fshy will drop in and out as he pleases to make sure everything is running smoothly, but other than that it’s up to the people above to run the new forums.

For anything I haven’t covered or for other questions, I’ll be posting up a thread in general discussion for anyone to post on and ask me and the mods about it. The thread is located in the off-topic forums, so post everything in there, to save more threads arising.

In related news, there will be an announcement of a very cool winter event coming soon, but that’s just a shameless plug for the LET!  

Finally, we'd like to thank FieryDeath for making the banner for the main site and Sienide for paying for, hosting and coding the new site.

The New Pokémon Global Team.

P.S, The old forums will be kept visible for members to move over threads they wish to keep onto this forum.0 comments